“Ankhon Dekhi” Movie recently screened in 12 th SAANGATYA Cine Summit at Kuppali. A cinegoer AKSHATHA shared her views about the movie here.


There are movies which entertain you and there is another category of movies which will push you into thought. A movie that belongs to both the categories is Ankhon Dekhi, directed by Rajat Kapoor and that came to theatres in 2014. Ankhon Dekhi was screened at bi-annual Saangatya film festival last week and was thorughly enjoyed and widely appreciated by the movie loving participants.

Ankhon Dekhi which could be literally translated as ‘Through my own eyes’ is a movie of a different. Be it for the story, characters, style of narration or strong dialogues, it touches that deep side of you. The movie has been revered for portraying human emotions and characteristics through a range of vibrant characters. The entire movie centres around a peculiar character Bauji, a man who is close to his retirement and living in a small world of his own in one of the localities of Old Delhi. The movie or rather Bauji’s character takes a twist after his daughter Rita’s affair with a man in the neighbourhood is disclosed.IMG_0108

Even as Bauji’s brother (Rajat Kapoor) condemns the affair and puts Rita in isolation like in any other conservative household, Bauji, the patriarch of the house maintains silence when the hell breaksout. A scene where he consoles his daughter by feeding her food, does not just portray the strong relationship of a father and daughter, but reflects the character of Bauji himself. Despite the entire family opposing the affair, Bauji decides to refuse the allegation on his daughter’s boyfriend that he is not of a good character, because he says he has not seen the boy doing anything wrong. “When I have not seen him doing wrong why should I believe in what others says,” he asks. From then on, his personal stand – “I will not believe in anything until I see it,” comes alive.

For Bauji it is not just about believing what he sees, but to believe what he experiences. There are moments in the movie when he appears like a fool and there are moments when he looks profoundly wise. In the process of his inquisitiveness to learn, understand and believe based on the experiences, the movie reveals us a person who is in search of his self. As we watch the movie, we end up relating some of the characters in our acquaintance group to that of Bauji. They may sound eccentric, but they stand apart from the rest.

The movies takes us on a roller coaster ride. There are a few scenes with too much of sound, during the birth day celebration at home or wedding ceremony of Rita. And there are scenes of absolute silence. The opening scene of Ankhon Dekhi is a mere voice of a man, who expresses his wish to fly in the air, hands let free and to experience that feeling of flying. That man who expresses his wish is Bauji. As he goes on experimenting and experiencing various facets of life even at the cost of resigning from his job, he pushes the viewers to think what next. Does he fly in the air to fulfill his long pending dream or does he not? Does he move towards the path of liberation and if yes, how? As the movie ends answering your one main question, it leaves behind a lot of space for you to ponder over of life, experiences, believes and liberty.

Though it is a simple low budget movie, it sets an example as to how a good story and strong characters can outdo the budget factor.